It’s Like a CSA, but for Booze!

Our mission has always been to get you to try a little mo’ wine: new grapes, new producers, new regions. Now we’re making it even easier, with Curated Wine Delivery.

Once a month we’ll pick out four bottles you need to know, and deliver them free to your door.

For just $59, you get four new wines plus delivery. And since you’re getting them from a local shop with an owner you can trust, we’ll work hard to get you what you like: All reds? All whites? Big and bold or crisp and clean -- just let us know your taste, and we’ll handle the rest.


How It Works

Join our Curated Wine Delivery list. Authorize your credit card for a monthly $59 charge (tax included), and you’ll start your delivery on the first Tuesday of the month. When possible, you’ll get a monthly cheat-sheet with information and tasting notes about your selection. You can sign up below, at the store or email for more information.


The Fine Print

By enrolling in Curated Wine Delivery, you are authorizing a recurring monthly charge of $59 to your credit card. You will receive four (4) bottles of wine, delivered to the address specified at the time of enrollment, on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are not 100% satisfied with Little Mo Wine’s Curated Wine Delivery, you may cancel by contacting the store at Wines purchased through Curated Wine Delivery are not refundable. The $59 subscription price cannot be combined with any other offer. The name, address, email and account information you provide will be securely handled by Little Mo Wine. If you are unable to accept delivery on the first Tuesday of the month, Little Mo Wine will make a reasonable attempt to deliver at your earliest convenience. Delivery hours are from 4-9 pm.

NOTE: Submitting this form will not automatically enroll you in Curated Wine Delivery. We'll call you for credit card information and start date.